BREASTSTROKE G6, G7, G8, G9, Mini and Bronze

A versatile 45 mins to 60 mins aerobic session based on Breaststroke, with breaststroke progressions, starts and turns and some fun alternative activities.


2 x 100m alt FC into BC                              200                            5 mins                     r.15

2 x 100m alt BR into FC                              200                             5 mins                    r.15

Emphasis on streamlined drive off the wall in turns

4 x 75m as FLY, BC, BR.                             300                            8 mins                       r.10

Drive at start from the blocks.


BR 8 x 50m

2 x 50 BR kick                                          r.10

2 x 50 BR extended glide                   r.10

2 x 50 as 2K1P (3K1P for higher grades)

1 x 50 stroke




4 x 25m alt. 25m kick, 25m full stroke

Mini and Bronze 3 x 50

Mut be a whip kick into the glide getting the hips high.



Dive, from 10m out, turn and finish x 4


Alternative Activities


Cannon Ball Roll

Cat and mouse

Tandem Swim

Pish of war





T3 Wednesdays One Hour



2 x 100m as FC/BC

25m FAST 50m MOD 25m FAST                                                             200m

With emphasis on ‘smooth and silent’ swimming

 4 x 50m on 1.15/1.30 FC                                                                            400m

4 x 50m on 1.30/1.45 BC


 4 x 50m FC as 25m, 25 full stroke                                                            Rest.15 seconds

4 x 50m BR as 25m, 25 full stroke           

FC drill ‘Zip up’ or ‘high elbow.’

BR drill 2 kicks, 1 arm pull

2 x 50m Something else, BC for most, fly for some.

4 x 25m Sprints on 1.00/1.15 with a dive (one or two start in the water)

1 x 100m        IM drill LANE CLEAR Fly single arm, BK roll shoulder, BR 2K1p, FC zip up.

1 x 100m        IM Full stroke, lane clear



4 x 25, as  1 x FC, 1 x BC, and x2 fun! If you have the energy to organise them and there is time!


4 x 50m FC or BC or mix of both slow & smooth                                   + 200m

TOTAL DISTANCE                                    1.7km

Skills Session. One Hour. Streamlining and Fly.

SKILLS SUNDAY     + fins


  • Bounce off the bottom of the pool
  • Push & glide

5 mins

Flutter kick on side of pool/kick emphasis on:

  • Pointed toes
  • Long legs
  • Kicking from the hips

5 mins

4 x 25m FC kick

4 x 25m BC kick

100m              5 mins

FLY progressions + fins

  • Dolphin on side of pool
  • Kick at lane rope
  • Vertical reverse kick
  • Dolphin hands at side
  • KOB (Kick on back)
  • KOF (Kick on front)
  • KOS one arm extended, one at side (Kick on side)
  • Single Arm
  • 1+1+1

STFs (starts, turns and finishes) over 25m 8 x 25 did RELAYS