T2 T3 Thursday One Hour. Fins and skills.


600 Free or Back – Fins

How Slow Can you Move Your Arms


4 x 50 as


25 Back/25 Breast (Lane Clear)

Focus: – Turns


4 x 50 Fly-Dive (Tech)



No Breathing

1st StrokeBreathe Early

Breathe Every 2/3

Accelerate Through Pull to Flick

Palms Up

Straight Arm Recovery

Kick Hard in on Hand Entry




4 x 50 BC-Start (Tech)


Four UW kicks

Straight arm recovery

Roll shoulder through to 90%

Entry like a knife


Kick Hard


12 x 50 Free (60 // 1.15 // 1.30)


Must be completed with Bi-Lat Breathing

Tumble Turns with UW Kick – Min 3 Fly Kicks off Wall

No Breathing 1st Stroke off Walls

Maintain Time and Tech Throughout


200 Easy


2 km (T3 divide repeats by 2)


Skills Session. One Hour. Streamlining and Fly.

SKILLS SUNDAY     + fins


  • Bounce off the bottom of the pool
  • Push & glide

5 mins

Flutter kick on side of pool/kick emphasis on:

  • Pointed toes
  • Long legs
  • Kicking from the hips

5 mins

4 x 25m FC kick

4 x 25m BC kick

100m              5 mins

FLY progressions + fins

  • Dolphin on side of pool
  • Kick at lane rope
  • Vertical reverse kick
  • Dolphin hands at side
  • KOB (Kick on back)
  • KOF (Kick on front)
  • KOS one arm extended, one at side (Kick on side)
  • Single Arm
  • 1+1+1

STFs (starts, turns and finishes) over 25m 8 x 25 did RELAYS