T2T3 Sunday 1 hour

A two way split between T2 and T3 swimmers with a lane for masters and another for a disability swimming. The session goes on the whiteboard. T2 and T3 and supervised, usually going off on the whistle and rarely knowing what they are doing until they are told … some read the board and get on with it.

4 x 150 (T3 x 2) as

50 FC, 50 FC single arm, 50 BC              3.00/3.30

Front Crawl single arm will be a new one to them, though this is in effect what many do when I ask for Fly Single arm. Here for variety. Single arm to be smooth with the head kept low to the water on the turn.

600m                                                                    12/15 mins

4 x 75 (T3 x2)

as 25 mod, 25 firm, 25 sprint. alt 75 Fc, 75 No.1. Form stroke.                        2.15/2.30

I like the idea of trying to get even non-squad swimmers to vary their pace and to know and feel the difference between modest, firm and sprint, between a steady pace, a strong swim without increasing the stroke rate, then a flat out sprint. Some swimmers only have two gears, slow or flat out.

The odd distances gives variety. As a coach you have to move up and down the pool too. No harm in that. You should be following them up and down the pool anyway.

4 x50                          as 50 FC Hypoxic 5/7

50 Choice

as 50 FC Hypoxic 7/9

50 Choice

500m                                   11/16 mins

3 x 100 as 25 MAX, 75 Stroke Count reducing count by at least one stroke per length on each 25m in the 75m.


Increasingly the pattern is

2 x 50m as i) FC, ii) BR

6 x 25m IM Order as BC, BR, FLY, FC, FC, FC, FC (depends on the number of swimmers)

2 x 25m i) FC ii) Choice

200m Swim Down