Teacher Induction

For Swimming & Water Polo Teachers & Coaches

  • IoS & other Memberships
  • Qualifications
  • CPD
  • CRB disclosure no. & date of last check

New teachers & poolside helpers will need to take part in an induction process.

An informal introduction to the pool, the teachers

  • Basic Emergency Procedures & Normal Operating Process of the pool (where these are relevant).
  • A CRB check done,
  • Details & proof of qualifications & CPD.


The lesson plans

Lane structures

Teaching/coaching programme & contact details.


They too will need a copy of the:


  • Club Mission Statement
  • Code of Ethics & Child Protection Policy

It is my intention to assemble all this information into either a folder (printed out) or in digital form as an e.mail attachment or on a memory stick or CD.

They will need to read the Code of Ethics and sign a piece of paper saying they agree to abide by them.

I’m not suggesting that the Membership Secretary is responsible for all of this as it should be shared out with the Welfare Officer, Head Coach & Principal Teachers, possibly also the Chairman if someone is signing a contract or letter of agreement. Some clubs have a ‘Volunteer Liaison Officer’ who may do some of this.








Code of Ethics

Following ASA guidelines the club expects poolside helpers, assistant teachers, teachers & coaches to follow and abide by a code of ethics.

This covers such things as:

Put the well-being & health & safety if members above all other considerations.

Comply with all ASA codes.

Work without discrimination of any kind.

Respect each other.

Obided by the pool rules.

Obey the spirit of the sport’s rules.

Keep it appropriate to the age, ability & experience of the individual.

Have the certificates for the qualifications you say you have

Treat information on others in confidence

Be clean & smartly turned out.

Do not drink or smoke before or during teaching sessions or competitions.

Seek ways of and be willing to increase the development of your current qualifications.