Pre-Christmas Workout for Masters ‘A’

Masters Thurs 21 DEC 2017 A (COMPETITIVE) COACH COPY

Phase Activity Target TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 3 x 150m as:

FC 1 x 50m Swim, 1 x 50m Pull, 1 x 50m Kick,

BC 1 x 50m Swim, 1 x 50m Pull, 1 x 50m Kick,

BR 1 x 50m Swim, 1 x 50m 3 Kicks on Arm Pull, 1 x 50m Kick,

15” Rest after each 150m 450 10 10
MAIN Race Pace Set 1

6 x 75m FC @ 200m FC pace

Try to develop your underwater kick throughout the set.  

1:03 01:15 450/900 9 19
Recovery 1

200m FC  25m Kick on Side, 75m Breathe every 5

05:00 200/1100 4 23
Race Pace Set 2

6 x 75m BC @ 200m pace

1:10 01:30 450/1550 10 33
Recovery 2

200m FC  25m Kick on Side, 75m Breathe every 5

05:00 200/1750 4 37
Race Pace Set 3

6 x 75m BR @ 200m pace

1:18 1:45 450/2200 12 49
Recovery 3

200m FC  25m Kick on Side, 75m Breathe every 5

05:00 200/2400 4 53
4 x 25m IM Order Sprints: 1 x 25m of each: Fly, BC, BR, FC 0:45 100/2500 4 56
S/D 200m CH Easy, Long, Smooth swimming 02:30 200/2700 4 60+
TOTAL 2500m

Not helped by having one swimmer in the lane being joined by three others after she had completed the warm up. We began to make up time but cutting back the rest of the Race Pace Set in turn for 75m FC to 01:15 from 01:30, for 75m BC to 01:30 from 01:45 and for BR to 01:45 from 02:00.

I have found that there are Masters who want to add rest, and Masters who want to cut back on rest. I do rather think that they ought to go with the sessions prepared for them. I would worry that they not working hard enough on these Race Pace Sets if they can get away with less rest.

The programme also lost Recovery 3 so that could get it all done in an hour.


I have


Teaching FC and FC Turns to 7-12 year old

Saturday 11th April, WC 13/4/15 MSM SC Teaching FC and FC Turns

Our Grades 3-6. This is my cheat sheet with added notes.

Streamlining – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’

Against the wall
Ensure ankles are against the walls, shoulders are against the wall, then stretch into the streamlined position – arms above the head. Check that one hand is over the other and they can lock this.

Also, in another session, to help with diving and turns, they jump on the spot in this position – away from the wall.

Correct Flutter Kick – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Feet dipped in the pool – if feasible. Buttocks on the edge of the pool, legs long and straight, toes pointed and ‘make the water boil’ … slowly speed up and try to limit any cycling of the legs.

Then enter the water

Warm Up
FC kick – with a kicker float held in front
BC kick with float over knees – if it jiggles about they are cycling their legs.
FC kick with long arm doggie paddle – correct hand shape, head steady.

Push and glide – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Bounce – standing jump in the streamlined position.
Handstand – with long legs and pointed toes
Push off the wall – one hand in the gutter, the other in front. Push and glide.
Tumble against the wall – somersault more than an arm’s length from the wall. Place feet on wall. Push off the wall into a streamlined position.

For the next session add:
Add dolphin kick
Add FC kick
Add three kicks and flip
Swim to the end. End ‘feet on wall.’

Sea Otter – all important ‘fun one’
Six duck dives over 25m by another name. A game. They pretend to be a sea otter pulling up mussels from the seabed. They swim doggie paddle, duck dive, retrieve their mussels, comes to the surface, turn on their back to smash open the shells and eat the contents, then roll back onto their fronts, swim along and repeat 🙂

FC full stoke
Smooth, silent, slinky …
Swim along the black line – keeping it symmetrical, as if down a pipe.
Bilateral breathing
FC zip it up drill – envisaging a zip on their hip that they zip up to the ear.

Dead Swimmer into FC – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
On the ‘T’ at the end of the lane go into ‘dead swimmer’.
From this floating position slowly raise the arms, then the legs until streamlined.
Then add a dolphin kick and turn it into 25m of FC.

Dive and glide into FC
Jumps – ‘Hamster thing’ – jumping in and not getting your head wet! Pencil jump. Star jump. – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Tumbles – somersaults
Dives and glides – push and glide, dive and glide into a kick.


Masters Swimming : Day One

No fuss, at 7.20am yesterday I made it into the slowest lane (of 6) as a Masters Swimmer with Mid-Susses Marlins Swimming Club. I felt like an outsider, like the teensger who occassionally dropped it to train with City of Newcastle and had to tag along as no.11 in a frenetic and driven club session often so out of place that i’d throw up on the side in my effort to keep up with the ludicrous pace. None of that here, I nearly volunteered myself into a mid-week remedial class. Instead I came away with 2000m completed; the pacing, spacing and emphasis on technique all thwt I could manage alternating between FC and BR:

200m warm up
12x50m FC long legs, reach, high elbow and slow with ample space between swimmers.
16x50m alternating between FC and own stroke trying to do a Michael Phelps with the head lower, the water brewking over the scalp.
200m Full Stroke (though I did it with a pull-buoy)
100m Swim Down

If there was any more to it I didn’t notice. There were odd moments to make small talk (who are you, I recognise you from somewhere. I am still known as ‘The Wellyman’ despite giving up the deck boots two years ago). I enjoyed being the pupil not the ‘teacher’. I was far better able to observe and appreciate the coach’s style as a ‘mystery shopper’. Firm, friendly, informed.

NOVA Centurion 1 HOUR SESSION (8pm 25 NOV 08)

T1/T2 NOVA 1 HOUR SESSION         (8pm 25 NOV 08)

Swim 4 x 50 FC     @ 1.00/1.15
as     25m                FIST        (Hands in fists drill)
25m         CUP        (Catch Up)

Swim 3 x 50m BC     @ 1.00/1.15         High REC

Kick    2 x 100m     @ 2.00/2.15
as 25 FC, 25 BC

Tumble on kick & tight streamlining & perfectly executed turns & transitions



6 x 100m    @ on 1.30  PB + 15  Hold SC Inc: last 25m
1 x 200m IM    @ 3.30
Slow FLY
Fast BC, BR & FC.

Last 25m FC to be same as last 25m on 100s

100m     Easy     BC

2nd Repeat 4 x 100m

3rd Repeat 2 x 100m

900m + 700m + 500m = 2100m


2 x 50 FLY            @ 2.30
2 x 50 FLY Kick on back    @ 1.30
2 x 50 FC MAX


TOTAL  550m + 2100m + 300m = 2950m

Skills and Mini, Dives into transition

Skills Group

Dives and Transition in FC and BC

Fun warm up

  • Streamline position
  • Dolphin kick/bum and tum
  • (Hot potato- team building with mini)
  • Jumping intro streamlined position
  • Running with hands in the air
  • Running using hands
  • Push and glide on front
  • Push and glide on bac

Deep End

  • Dolphin Kick by lane rope
  • Dolphin kick on back
  • Dolphin kick on front


  • Re-cap
  • Jump
  • Jump from block
  • Topple and jump
  • Topple and dive
  • Reach for the flags/whack woggle away and glide


  • Dive, glide and dolphin kick (distance challenge)
  • Back start, glide and dolphin kic
  • Break-out into FC
  • Break-out intro B
  • Turn into transition on FC and BC




Mini, Dives, turns and FC and BC break-out

Mini Dives and Transition in FC and BC

Fun and team-building warm up

  • Hot potato
  • * Push and glide on front
  • * Push and glide on back

Deep End

* Dolphin Kick by lane rope


* Jump from block

* Topple and jump

* Topple and dive

* Dive, glide and dolphin kick (distance challenge)

* Back start, glide and dolphin kic

* Break-out into FC

* Break-out intro BC

100m swim FC

100m BC


Rotational Turn

Mid-pool three strokes and flip

Mid-pool to end, Feet on Wall

Push and glide, flip

Push and glide and 1, then 2, then 3 strokes and flip

Check stroke count on BC

IM RELAY 25s or 50s?

Swim Down

(Tunnel ?)

Teaching Grade 7

Teaching Grade 7 & Change Management

6.30 to 7.15 Grade 7

(all names changed in this 2008 teaching session)

Put times from all swimmers into a database so that it is easy to compare their times with others in their age group.

Sophie’s Mum feels she is in a group that has too many in the lane. I impress on her that I am more the qualified to take this number, that they work well together. Check with Twinny who says Peter is moving up. Letters go out also to Bluey & Becca who will move into G8.

Nicholas doesn’t appear. Is he being put off by all these girls!? How does the ASA engage with boys? More rough & tumble! More competitive team games?

Time Trials were continued after a warm up of

1x50m each of FC, BC, FC Head Up, BC Slomo

+ 1x25m each of FC & BC 12.5 sprint, 12.5 easy.

All performed well and with determination in the BS & FLY.

Because of the numbers and over explaining/teaching the starts the thing took up the entire session. Zoe (LI) was taking the lead; Rose (LIII) shared with me her frustration at the need to give the kids a swim.

LEARN to TRAIN (Girls 8 to 11 years, Boys 9 to 12 years)

Sophie, LSD, Emmeline, Bluey, Erin & Zoe

TRAIN to Train (Girls 11 to 14, Boys 12 to 15)

Becca, Doone & Peter

Focus on individual differences, give lots of +ve reinforcement, push skills and work out between you what the rules should be. Get them to buy into what they are doing and show leadership.

When they were in a lane near to the 3 I was timing I gave those from my group huge praise.

Bobby (Head Coach) has wanted me to take part in T2T3 that follows.

It is run by a lady whose daughter is in the group. I have never met a more bitter person. I introduced myself and asked about the information I require for Swim21 and she snapped my head off! ‘I give so much time to this club.’ When she calmed down she then complained that she had already given this information a year ago when CB was the Head Coach. I asked her if she had been at the Teaching Meeting when these forms were handed out; she claimed to have been there. It is a shame I don’t have this, but it also highlighted the need for teachers to have a physical folder or file in which they need to keep copies of certificates & letters of attendance handy.

People skills and personality have a significant role to play, more so than mere qualificaitons.

I need to create a database that is easy to keep up to date. I’ll do this in FilemakerPro. I’ll then email everyone who hasn’t come up with the answers in the last 3 weeks.


(This database has grown to include 90 or so active and lapsed volunteers, and nearly 900 swimmers. It is a record of achievement as well as notes on strengths and weaknesses that informs decisions about teaching, training and promotion)

Warm Up 200m
1 x 50m FC Head Up + Float on head
1 x 50m BC Slomo
1 x 50m As 25m Kick, 25m half sprint
1 x 50m As 25m Kick, 25m half sprint
Practise dive, glide & kick into stroke

TIME TRIALS (Flexibility, not stretching)

BS BIAS: 350m

3 kicks, one pull
Catch up
One arm, one leg
Competitive start


Underwater through a hoop or for sinkers.


Topple & Jump
Topple & Dive into GLIDE
Topple & Dive into GLIDE + Dolphin Kick
Topple & Dive into One Dolphin Flick, GLIDE then Dolphin Kick


(This lead into a competitive start has been re-inforced with notes and diagrams from various books).



START drills & training takes time.



FC/BC Aerobic Capacity – 60-90 Mins Three Grade Split

Eastbourne College Squad Schedule            Week No………3        Date….17/9/07

POOL                SESSION TIME                SESSION LENGTH

College Pool (25m)        9.00pm                    1




To improve aerobic capacity, with more intense work on BC and Fly.












Each one at a slightly faster pace.

TK @01:15 / 01:20 / 01:25 so reducing from 01:30 when wearing fins might be more appropriate.



2X 50+50 FC to BC @2:15/30

Cut to 6

FC 2+2+2
Legs Only, Catch Up, Full Stroke @03:00
@01:30 18
4×200 *Kick
*Arms only
* Catch UP
* Full stroke


4×50 Kick on front
Kick on back




BC – BS – FC

@1:30 12
8×50 FC/BC With 15 secs at each end @0:45
8×25 FC Bilateral breathing with 15 secs at each end




F/C or B/C



Total Distance

3450m – 1800m

Total Time

52 mins

Evaluation of Session