Some ideas on nutrition and hydration for swimmers

Sharing ideas is key. most of these are established best practice. You can argue the toss, is it apacrophal that Michael Phelps has a double helping of MacDonlands after training? Maybe, some days … but he is burning a huge amount of calories.

And this:


Kindle Swim Coach – Dead Swimmer to Streamlining

Armed with a Kindle with the Swim Drills book loaded I was poolside teaching and coaching swimmers for three hours.

For the last year I have run programmes based on drills in ‘The Swim Drills Book’ and have relied on lesson plans and sometimes laminated print outs.

Today I took the Kindle

Never before have I found the swimmers so attentive, coming close to the side of the pool to look at the pictures.

Here is a great drill to develop streamlining

They start in what we call ‘Dead Swimmer’ then straighten up, arms first, then legs into the ‘streamline position.’ They then kick off, add a few strokes and continue up the pool.

They got, far quicker than my efforts to demonstrate and talk them through.


The pictures say it all.

Is this mobile learning?

Whatever it is, this works.

Next step to blog about in my Swim Coach website

We bought a dozen copies of the Swim Book.

Perhaps we need a dozen Kindles.

Could we have waterproof versions?

And perhaps A4 clipboard in size?

With a wireless link to a poolside whiteboard.

Better still, an LCD screen on the bottom of the pool!


Guzman, R (2007) The Swim Drills Book

Skills and Mini, Dives into transition

Skills Group

Dives and Transition in FC and BC

Fun warm up

  • Streamline position
  • Dolphin kick/bum and tum
  • (Hot potato- team building with mini)
  • Jumping intro streamlined position
  • Running with hands in the air
  • Running using hands
  • Push and glide on front
  • Push and glide on bac

Deep End

  • Dolphin Kick by lane rope
  • Dolphin kick on back
  • Dolphin kick on front


  • Re-cap
  • Jump
  • Jump from block
  • Topple and jump
  • Topple and dive
  • Reach for the flags/whack woggle away and glide


  • Dive, glide and dolphin kick (distance challenge)
  • Back start, glide and dolphin kic
  • Break-out into FC
  • Break-out intro B
  • Turn into transition on FC and BC




BREASTSTROKE G6, G7, G8, G9, Mini and Bronze

A versatile 45 mins to 60 mins aerobic session based on Breaststroke, with breaststroke progressions, starts and turns and some fun alternative activities.


2 x 100m alt FC into BC                              200                            5 mins                     r.15

2 x 100m alt BR into FC                              200                             5 mins                    r.15

Emphasis on streamlined drive off the wall in turns

4 x 75m as FLY, BC, BR.                             300                            8 mins                       r.10

Drive at start from the blocks.


BR 8 x 50m

2 x 50 BR kick                                          r.10

2 x 50 BR extended glide                   r.10

2 x 50 as 2K1P (3K1P for higher grades)

1 x 50 stroke




4 x 25m alt. 25m kick, 25m full stroke

Mini and Bronze 3 x 50

Mut be a whip kick into the glide getting the hips high.



Dive, from 10m out, turn and finish x 4


Alternative Activities


Cannon Ball Roll

Cat and mouse

Tandem Swim

Pish of war




T2 T3 Monday or Thursday One Hour

An one hour set for a mixed Training Group Session

This looks straight forward. T2 start off on 2 x 300, T3 start off on 4 x 100. This would work if the swimmers were in their groups, but a) there is a tendency for some T2 to swim with T3, and some T3 to swim with T2 and b) the groups divide four  ways by ability, age and drive: T2/T1, T2, T2/T3 and T3(T4)

We ought to seed and re-seed them as their enthusiasm waxes and wanes.



3 x 200


SET 1             FR + FINS ZIP UP – HIGH ELBOW


SET 2             CHOICE                                BK       4

BR      4.30

FLY/BK 4.15


SET 3             200 IM                                                4







4 x 100


SET 1             FR + FINS ZIP UP – HIGH ELBOW


SET 2             CHOICE                                BK       2.30

BR      3



SET 3             100 IM                                                2.30








8 x 50 Kick as 25 UW FLY / 25 BK + FINS


1 x 100 LOOSEN






50s / 25s


Typically 2 x 50 FC, 4 x 25, could be as an IM Lane Clear.





Rest in turn 15, 30, 45, 60, 45, 30, 15 after each swim.

Pyramid T2

FLY 50

BK 100

BR 150

FC 200

BR 150

BK 100

FLY 50


Pyramid T3


FLY 25

BK 50

BR 75

FC 100

BR 75

BK 50

FLY 25






In teams, 4 x25.

Or 4 x 12.5m break-out to practice starts with long UW phase and swimming it out easy to the end.




4 x 50 as 25 BK/25 BR



Tips from Beth (1)

When addressing kids use FOUR words and use their language.


As a puppet controlled from the ceiling


Press the shoulder down

Catch as if popping your head over a garden wall


Times achieved at lower distances must be achieved at longer distances.

On every break say what you need to say in 2 to 4 words

Every swimmer has a different make-up and body.


Shoulder not deep. Nose on the water to breathe vs shoulder too deep and mouth goes under water.

FC Kick Problems

So kick like a football

Hips always too low

Legs lazy

UW phase

Like going down a flume tunnel and follow the line

Surface like a submarine


Hand out

Head in neutral

No go zone in front of hands

Must push down to the waist

Breathe early

Palm up/thumbs in air

Squirrel Nutkin pose

Flick at back

FLY Kick

If they’re kicking as the arms go in the other kick will follow.


The ‘do nothing glide’

One Training or Squads split three ways


Differentiate between levels with turn around times.

T1+                                      T1                                           T2                                           T3

2 x 150 as      100FC/ 50 BC                       2.30                                        2.30                                        2.45                                        3.004 x 50

FC Zip Up                                                           0.50                                        0.50                                        1.00                                        1.15

500m                                                              8                                              8                                              8                                              8

T1+                                      T1                                           T2                                           T3

2x 75                          FLY                             1.40                                        1.45                       D (3×50)  1.50                    D(3 x 25)         R.15

6 x 50                         BC/ BS                       1.00                                        1.00                                        1.15                                        1.30

6 x 50                         BS/ FC                       1.00                                        1.00                                        1.15                                        1.30

1 x 100                       IM                                1.40                                        1.45                                        1.50                                        2.00

850m                                                              20                                            22                                            23                                            25


T1+                                      T1                                           T2                                           T3

1 x 400                       FC                               6.00                                        400m                                      300m                                      200m

6 x 50                         BS                               1.20                                        1.20                                        1.30                                        1.45

2 x 200                       IM/FC                         3.00                                        3.15                                        3.30                                        4.00

2 x 100                       DIVE BS                    2.30                                        2.30                                        2.45                                        3.00

1300m                                                            22


T1+                                      T1                                           T2                                           T3

Swim Down              FC/BC SLO               5                                              5                                              5                                              5

2650m                                                            55                                                                                                                                            60 MNS