Hard work

The set is the kind of thing we give 10 and 11 years olds who are lighter and more flexible and probably than this overweight and unfit 50 year old. After a week in the sea I had hopes for staying the course, though up late to watch the Opening of the London Olympics left me tired.

Warm Up 200m FC

6 x 100m FC as 50 drill, 50 Swim


Short arm doggie paddle
Long arm doggie paddle
Single arm (left)
Single arm (right)

6×50 FC on 1.15

4×100 alternating between FC and something else

8x25m in IM Order

Swim Down

Surely I’ve missed something?

The doggie paddle was surpringly hardwork as you have to kick hard to keep the head up. It got me thinking about the shape of my hand – as I started doing on my sea swim I closed the thumb to creat a paddle. I don’t know if this is better but it feels more efficient.

Between the FC I do BR, working hardest on my transition, often getting half-way down the pool. I must have been feeling chipper as I tumbled all the 50s and for a few moments felt I was finding something – too much of it remains a slog, my lungs become sticky, I still get cramp in the my feet and towards the end I feel sluggish. I did push hard on the 100s and 50s now and when asked to swim Fly I will complete the length.

Wonderful support from our coach David who is so attentive even though he has three lanes of Masters swimmers. Tips for me on FC and BC.

FC to slide the hand in (last week it was relaxing rather than lifting my head)
BC to breathe (last week it was straight arm recovery)

This was a surprising and effective fix – by breathing as if I was on my front I found balance and stability that allowed a steady, synchronous set of strokes. My legs are ek though.