Masters Thursday 19 OCT 2017 A (COMPETITIVE) COACH COPY

The four swimmers in the ‘Competitive A’ lane took several minutes to gather so after a delayed warm up (for some) the first 8 x 25m and easy 100m were scored out. Masters like to take a pause between the Warm Up and Main Set to chat. I may add 2 -3 mins for this in future programmes. The timings on each set worked out to the exact minute. Another few minutes before the penultimate and last  8 x 25m was taken as the swimmers negotiated over who was doing what and how.

Two swimmers (competing in Sheffield at the weekend they said) opted for 4 x 25m on 40 seconds sprinting flat out for each 25m rather than the already demanding 100m race pace speed 8 x 15m on 20 secs. For these they swam between 14.01 and 15.32 per 25m.

Repeats of between 17-19 secs over the first 3 sets of 8x25m meant that turning around on 20 seconds late on would be a challenge. It was, but it was what they wanted apparently.

Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: RunT Dur: Total
W/U 200 Easy 200 200 3 3
3x 50 FC 0:50 150 350 3 6
2 x 75m FC as Kick, Drill, Swim 1:15 150 500 3 9/10
MAIN GOAL: Maintain 100m race pace throughout on all 25s
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100m race pace 0:45 200 700 6 16
  1 x 100m Easy 15 100 800 2 18
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100m race pace 0:40 200 1000 6 24 (21)
1 x 100m Easy 15 100 1100 2 26 (23)
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100m race pace 0:35 200 1300 5 31 (28)
1 x 150m Easy 15 150 1450 3 34 (31)
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100m race pace 0:30 200 1650 4 38 (35)
1 x 200m Easy 15 200 1850 3 41 (40)
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100m race pace 0:25 200 1950 4 45 (46)
1 x 250m Easy 15 250 2200 5 50 (52)
8 x 25m FC (CH)  100 race pace 0:20 200 2400 4 54 (56)
S/D 1 x 300 CH Easy 2:00 300 2700 8 59
Total 2700m 


1 hour

55 mins

One swimmer asked me to keep an eye on their head position and left shoulder potentially crossing the body. The left shoulder did at time ‘over balance’ during the easy swim, but in the sprints they were kept low and even. The head position, not as low as a National Squad teenager was slightly more raised than ideal with occasional glances forward causing the head to rise a natz.  A second swimmer smacks their hands on the water in FC and on part of the kick, possibly when turning to breath, over kicks and brings the entire foot out of the water. Asking for ‘silent and smooth’ didn’t work, so a drill is required for this – as noisy in an easy swim and more pronounced in a pace set.


T2 Pace sets over 50m on FC

T2 Pace sets over 50m on FC

WARM UP 8 mins
1 x 100m BC Hesitation drill on 02:30
1 x 100 FC Zip it up drill
1 x 100m BR Extended glide

PACE SET 12 mins
8 x 50m FC [1:30] All coming in between 38-44 seconds. Against a timed 50m FC most set a couple of months ago.

They started coming unstuck on the fouth and by the sixth only 50% were left to stick in through. I must remember that these are 15 year olds swimming for fitness, not to compete. I cancelled the second set of these and in a ‘plan of work’ will only do this once every FOUR weeks.
Instead of repeating this pace set we repeated the warm up then did drills on Breaststroke and a breathing exercise on FC bilateral.

1 x 100m BC Hesitation drill on 02:30
1 x 100 FC Zip it up drill
1 x 100m BR Extended glide

They even asked to swim 50s instead of 100s.

6 x 50m BR Drills as
i) 2 kicks 1 pull 2K1P
ii) Extended glide (1 second from the streamline)
iii) 1 down, 1 up in which the underwater, transition stroke to the hips is followed by a normal stroke.

6 x 25m FC as a continual swim breathing every 5,7,9,7,5.