Coaching PC1 and C2

Each has its challenges, the first a group of sixteen 9-12 year olds, the second group thirteen 13-15 year olds.


Daringly I has my first group tell me which time trails we would be doing in a weeks time and their training was shaped around these. There were two groups: one to work on distance to help with their 200m freestyle, the other with a build up to 25m/50m pace over 100m.

Those with a snorkel got to use them.

With the distance swimmers settled I could pick out individual swimmers to correct faults. The instant response and fix was gratifying, in one case arm stroke in fly, in several head position on freestyle or needing to keep the head still in breaststroke.

Both groups did relays, not ‘for fun’ but it is the one guarantee to get them to sprint.

I also used the club ipad to video some of them which provided immediate feedback though an ipad is not the best device to video on.

In the last session we decided to combine three squads to run relays the entire width of the pool.