Teaching FC and FC Turns to 7-12 year old

Saturday 11th April, WC 13/4/15 MSM SC Teaching FC and FC Turns

Our Grades 3-6. This is my cheat sheet with added notes.

Streamlining – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’

Against the wall
Ensure ankles are against the walls, shoulders are against the wall, then stretch into the streamlined position – arms above the head. Check that one hand is over the other and they can lock this.

Also, in another session, to help with diving and turns, they jump on the spot in this position – away from the wall.

Correct Flutter Kick – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Feet dipped in the pool – if feasible. Buttocks on the edge of the pool, legs long and straight, toes pointed and ‘make the water boil’ … slowly speed up and try to limit any cycling of the legs.

Then enter the water

Warm Up
FC kick – with a kicker float held in front
BC kick with float over knees – if it jiggles about they are cycling their legs.
FC kick with long arm doggie paddle – correct hand shape, head steady.

Push and glide – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Bounce – standing jump in the streamlined position.
Handstand – with long legs and pointed toes
Push off the wall – one hand in the gutter, the other in front. Push and glide.
Tumble against the wall – somersault more than an arm’s length from the wall. Place feet on wall. Push off the wall into a streamlined position.

For the next session add:
Add dolphin kick
Add FC kick
Add three kicks and flip
Swim to the end. End ‘feet on wall.’

Sea Otter – all important ‘fun one’
Six duck dives over 25m by another name. A game. They pretend to be a sea otter pulling up mussels from the seabed. They swim doggie paddle, duck dive, retrieve their mussels, comes to the surface, turn on their back to smash open the shells and eat the contents, then roll back onto their fronts, swim along and repeat 🙂

FC full stoke
Smooth, silent, slinky …
Swim along the black line – keeping it symmetrical, as if down a pipe.
Bilateral breathing
FC zip it up drill – envisaging a zip on their hip that they zip up to the ear.

Dead Swimmer into FC – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
On the ‘T’ at the end of the lane go into ‘dead swimmer’.
From this floating position slowly raise the arms, then the legs until streamlined.
Then add a dolphin kick and turn it into 25m of FC.

Dive and glide into FC
Jumps – ‘Hamster thing’ – jumping in and not getting your head wet! Pencil jump. Star jump. – from ‘The Swim Drills Book.’
Tumbles – somersaults
Dives and glides – push and glide, dive and glide into a kick.



Skills and Mini, Dives into transition

Skills Group

Dives and Transition in FC and BC

Fun warm up

  • Streamline position
  • Dolphin kick/bum and tum
  • (Hot potato- team building with mini)
  • Jumping intro streamlined position
  • Running with hands in the air
  • Running using hands
  • Push and glide on front
  • Push and glide on bac

Deep End

  • Dolphin Kick by lane rope
  • Dolphin kick on back
  • Dolphin kick on front


  • Re-cap
  • Jump
  • Jump from block
  • Topple and jump
  • Topple and dive
  • Reach for the flags/whack woggle away and glide


  • Dive, glide and dolphin kick (distance challenge)
  • Back start, glide and dolphin kic
  • Break-out into FC
  • Break-out intro B
  • Turn into transition on FC and BC




Personal Survival

Swimming is a life skill

Be wary of cold water

Understand hypothermia

N.B. Retention of body heat

Treading Water

H.E.L.P. (Heat Escape Lessening Position)


Entering the water

  • Straddle jump
  • Track jump

Treading Water

  • Breaststroke
  • Cycling
  • Flutter
  • Eggbeater

Wearing Clothes

Climbing Out

  • Palms Down
  • BR Kick

A guide for swimming teachers

The aim is to put in one place a broad choice of lesson plans, with assessments. These will cover all 10 grades (1 to Mini squad) covered by our swimming club. It will include sessions themed by  competitive strokes with progressions into dives & turns as well as some other aquatic skills such as sculling & treading water. Session plans will also be shared for our training groups.

Skills Session – progressions to develop competitive diving


using the Swim Drills Book.

Tape measure

Bamboo Canes

Gaffer Tape



Quick release

Tremendous launch through the air

Smooth entry

Tight streamline

Rapid travel through the water

A great distance underwater

Coming up well ahead of the pack




Streamline jump on side of pool

Swing the arms

Jump as high as you can

Land safely

Repeat … TEN times

Land on the same spot that you jumped from.


(IN THE WATER possibly under the flags)


JUMP  FROM BLOCKS (See Swim Drills Book p248)

Feet slightly apart

Drop you hands to your sides

Keep looking forward

Try to have a clean entry so that you body is completely straight.


STREAMLINED JUMP (See Swim Drills Book p244)

Jump from block

Big toe over the edge

Swing your arms

Extend your feet as you leave the block so that you spring off your toes

Land feet first as far into the pool as you can



Keep your head forward

Get as much distance as possible. Use those legs.

Measure the distance



(Attach Woggle to Bamboo cane with gaffer tape)


Drill as before, landing in the water streamlined position.

Knock the Woggle away


Coach to position the Woggle at waist height and about 2ft in front.


The bigger and faster the arm swing, the more momentum you build for the jump.

Knock the Woggle away with a hard swing.

Get completely stretched out in the streamline.

Keep the head looking forward only.



Hands in the gutter and look forwards

As you hands go forward get your head down

Small dolphin kick as you enter the water

Try diving over a Woggle.




Take up the start position

Roll forward slowly until you can no longer hold your balance.

Release & dive forward by extending over the water and reaching a tight streamline position.


Punch a clean entry

Practice diving over a Woggle or through a hoop.




Take up the start position

Roll forward until you lose your balance

Release & dive forward knocking the Woggle out of the way.

Knock the Woggle away as hard as you can.

Reach the streamlined position as you enter the water

Punch a clean entry in the water.




Step forward

Position the feet

Reach down ‘til your finger tips are just over the lop

Balance you body so that you are almost falling forward.

Your hips should be up and forward.




Get into the streamlined position before you enter the water.

Reach forward with your arms to get into the streamlined position asap

Punch a clean entry

Practice diving over a Woggle.




Throw your arms forward

Knock the Woggle away as hard as you can

Reach a streamlined position

Punch a clean entry into the water.




This is the fastest part of the race. The fastest part of the race is when you travel through the air. The second fastest part of the start is the streamlined entry into the water.



May put in one dolphin kick on entering the water

See how far you can glide.

Have a contest to see who can go farthest in a streamline off the start.

Time them over 10m or 12.5m