Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 400m loosen FC 30” rest after 400m 400 8 10
MAIN 4 x 100m FC as 50m Pull/50m Kick 15” rest after each 100m 400 10 21
2 x 200m CH as 100m Pull, 50m Kick, 50m Stroke 30” rest after 200m 400 10 28
4 x 100m CH negative split 44/43


2:00 400 8 35
8 x 50m CH Drills

FC: Zip Up; BC: Hesitation; BR: 2K1P; Fly: Single Arm.

10” rest after each 50m 400 8 44
16 x 25m CH Race Pace, turn at end and finish ‘Feet On Wall’ Lane Clear or 5” rest after each 25m 400 8 52
2 x 200m CH Steady Swim 30” rest after 200m 400 8 60+
Totals 2800m 1 hour


The lead swimmer ignored the rest periods and barely managed the negative split. I should actively monitor the rest given, push for a specific effort or turn around time and make sure they take the appropriate test, otherwise it turns into a 1 hour plod at a Basic Aerobic pace.

Pace/Effort required should be indicated in the Main Set.

The splits were barely attempted. If I am taking splits I should call them out and expect, in this example, say 45/40, or 40/35. This would be easier if I increased the number of repetitions. Next week they’ll get 8 x 100m negative split for FC and CH.

The Race Pace 16 x 25m required greater pace and therefore longer rest. The lead swimmer, who others followed, cut the barely adequate 15” rest to 5” possibly in a desire to complete the 2800m distance. Better that I create more flexibility for the Swim Down and give a floating end of swim target of +/- 200m  Similarly the ‘feet on wall’ is there for a reason – to counter the swimmers who always drift into the wall at the finish. To be repeated and policed!