T3T4 Wednesday 1 hour 29 SEPT 2010

Unable to start until 19.05 while pool is set up. Use the time to take the register and run through the session. Put to them the idea of a gala for T3 swimmers. 25m and 50m swims, some fun ones, with medals. Would be later in November, probably a Monday or Thursday at OHH. Evenly split over the day, some non-plussed.
21 swimmers, only one late. Mixed standard from approx Grade 5 teaching Group to Grade 7. None have fly, some have problems with breaststroke, most, though not all, can keep up with sets based around 50m.

Placed them in lanes based on my wishes, not theres. May have to split up the 15/16 boys where most of the disruption lies. (Only swimming 25m, mucking as soon as they swim in, making excuses to go to the toilet, just whimping out). One swimmer insited on needing the toilet after 5 mins and then vanished for 10 mins. Never again.

Warm Up

4 x 50 FC Smooth, low stroke count, later all roll. 1.15/1.30
4 x 50 BC Smooth, rolling the shoulder 1.30
Steady flutter kick

Main Set

1 x 100 IM Lane clear. i.e 25m at a time, each stroke

IM Order Drill

4 x 25 Fly Single Arm Lane Clear
Clear demonstration required after each 25m before they some of them started to get it right. Many don’t have the kick or undulation. Would work better with fins but we have none at the Triangle.

4 x 25m BC with instructions each 50m as they couldn’t get the roll shoulder through 90 degrees drill.

2 x 50m BR with an extended glide of 2 seconds

2 x 50m FC Zip Up drill (drawing the thumb along the side of the body during the recovery).

1 x 100m IM lane clear

Relays in teams of five.


Swim Down

200m Easy (ideally on FC and BC)

No time for a swim down, but the lack of effort makes me wonder if one is required. In truth, they should be in the habit of doing a swim down. This can be an opportunity for ‘play time’ where they swim a lane or two extremely slowly chatting to friends ūüė¶

Need to address the basics to correct lateral deviation, cycling legs, straight arm recovery on FC, bent arm recovery on BK  and breathing to the ceiling.

Kick drills

Fly so poor why bother? Work on kick with fins.

Compatible with Grade 6 and up in Teaching Groups