I’ll be at the Water-polo venue for the Olympics from start to finish as a London 2012 Olympics Gamemaker

An introduction to the Olympics at Wembley Arena as part of a crowd of selected volunteers of 10,000. This is what I became part of today picking up my Gamesmaker training pack and attending one of a series of morning or afternoon Jamborees at Wembley Arena.

We were asked not to blog the content so I’ll post some pics and satisfy myself with analysing the content from a learning design perspective elsewhere. I can’t fault the pace, variety and mix of approaches, the guest speakers, the live, the contrived, the sponsors and even the ‘fun and games’. Writ small this could have been a live TV event to Unipart Garages, the rebranding of the RAC or launching a car at the Paris Motor Show (I’ve done all of these). Or a video, a workbook and DVD and seven people doing health & safety. As a producer of this kind of thing it all felt like home.

My role in all of this will be poolside at the Water-polo, so neither at the Aquatics Centre or in the Olympic Stadium, but squeezed in between the two. I’ll be prepared, briefed, informed and suitably kitted out for my two to four weeks stint (Olympics and Paralympics).

I can surely mention this: there was a gentleman who had volunteered at the 1948 Olympics and someone else who had flown in that morning from the Falklands. And the enthusiasm for swimming. All I need to fix now is the accommodation.


Mini One Hour (varied)


1 x 50 FC DRILL Zip UP 1.15/1.30

2 x 25 Head Up FC + Water Polo Ball 2.00/2.15 (Steady head, kick hard)

1 x 100 as 100 FC SMOOTH 2.30

1 x 100 as 100 BC SLO MO 2.30

300m 12 MNS


2 x 50 FC HFTP 2.00 (so lots of rest)

2 x 50 No.1 FO HFTP 2.30

200m 8 MNS

12x 50 IM Order. FLY, BK, BR, FC,

1 x KICK 1.30 1 x DRILL 1.15 1 x STROKE 1.15

20 MNS


Dive max, break-out to half-way; half-way into wall, turn and return to half-way; half-way to the end. Climb out and repeat. X 4, as x2 FC, x2 Choice

12 MNS


6 x 25m FC as Hypoxic breathing every 5th,7th,9th,5th ….

125m 8 MNS

925m 60 MNS