Five hours at the pool – a typical Saturday am

This is the book, the ONLY book for swimming teachers and age group coaching. It is pretty good for Masters swimmers too, as well as parents and leisure swimmers who want to improve their technique.

7.20am I’m poolisde 12.30 home.


Anthony Gimson a 75+ category International Champion.

It’ll take me the next 25 years to get as good as him. The Mid-Sussex Marlins Masters are incredible, they attend national and international events and come away with medals. Some of the relay teams regularly set world records.

All I have is a 60 mins session to get through. The Coach noticed that I got through it, even completing the lengths of Fly. It took the last week swimming EVERY day to deliver a bit more stamina, a bit more flexibility and strength. And the resolve to get through it, thourgh frustrated by a sticky chest that wasn’t releived by an inhaler. I hope this will ease off in time (or the inhaled steriods I take in the mornign aren’t up to it).


Warm up 200m

8 x 25m FC on 0:45

12 x 50 Alternative FC, or NOT FC on 1:20


Single Arm Fly 50m (Left Arm)

Single Arm Fly 50m (Right Arm)

FLY 3 by 3 by 3 (3 left, 3 right, 3 full stroke)

Pyramid  100m FC, 75m BC, 50m BR, 25m FLY, 50m BR, 75m BC, 100m FC.

9:15am Then FOUR classes:

Two lanes of Grade 5 Breaststroke

My programme follows what I take from ‘The Swimming Drill Book’ from time to time referring to an image on the Kindle.

Warm Up
2 x 50m FC ‘Slinky, slithering, silent and smooth’ swimming

Drills. Pressing for a glide in the stroke. Try them a 3 second glide, taking several goes to get this right before dropping it.

Kick with a float
Arms Only with FC kick, then Fly kick.

Fun One: Otter or streamline bounced to the deep end.
Single Length BR with transition. Either 25m or 50m depending on the grade.

Emphasis on the glide is what change behaviours: they learnt from it.

Several with a screw-kick or a flutter
They need taking off to a special BR fix class

11.30am Dolphins

Four kids with learning difficulties.

Did this with them

Knowing their characters and with the support of a parent I am able to play to their strengths.

Did this with them:

And even this with them: