Management Duties of the Senior Club Coach

Assessment Task 1.6

Give five management duties that you could be required to undertake in your role as a Level 3 Senior Coach, including the tasks associated with each duty.


Management Duty

Tasks Involved
1 Preparation of the Scheme of Work Working back from the key competition period of the year prepare a scheme of work over three terms that includes aerobic, anaerobic and tapering, as well as skills & technique sessions … and fun sessions. Share drafts of this with team captains, Level I & II teachers and poolside helpers.


2 Teacher development Teacher supervision, tuition and monitoring.

Identifying and leading the team to CPD

Running coach get togethers and skills workshops


3 Recruitment


Networking for volunteers

Advertising and PR

Job description



4 Group Reports


Collect data

Draft and Check

Present findings


5 Swimmer


Collect data

Draft and Check

Distribute and discuss



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