Normal Operating Procedures

An NOP is the detailed description of the day-to-day operation of a pool. Centre manages through to swimming teachers ought to be familiar with the procedures.
From a teacher or coach’s point of view the duty manager remains in control and will direct all operations in the event of an emergency.

Let’s consider the list of items that must be considered:

  • The first aid room & its contents/stocking
  • The first aid reporting procedure
  • Duties of recreational assistants & life guards
  • Communications within the centre (radios/public address system/alarms)
  • Emergency procedures
  • The nature of the pools
  • Glare
  • Responsibilities of the lifeguard (behaviour/rotations/supervision zones/awareness of risks)
  • Bather loads
  • casualty recognition
  • First Aid awareness
  • Procedures with schools
  • Safe Diving Policy

Procedures are also given for gala hire & pool parties, float sessions & aqua aerobics.

From a coach & teacher’s point of view:

  • they must be suitably qualified
  • whilst responsible for the safety of their children in the case of an accident they must not leave swimmers unattended but call over a member of the pool’s staff.
  • they should know the position of safety equipment, 2 way radios & emergency alarms.
  • wear the club uniform so that they are immediately identifiable

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