Teaching Group Relays

Delighted to be poolside having missed only two sessions. Relays for the two cohorts turning up during this holiday period. From 9.00 Grades 3,4,5 in the main pool with Grades 1 & 2 Behind the Boom. From 9.45 Grades 6,7,8 & 9. Enough teachers with T doing BOB, A kindly coming along after I asked her six weeks ago as well as R and N. It was planned out and put on  the whiteboard:

10 mins warmup of 25/50m stroke swims, then fun warm ups from otter, to rolypoly, dolphin kick to streamlined bounce. The relays, 25m for the first group and 50m for the second were:

  • FC
  • BK
  • BR
  • kick with large float
  • Woggle between legs
  • with waterpolo ball

Could have been an opportunity to analyse the strokes of some of the swimmers. Thought through how any of this might be videod, with a camera on a steadicam, a polariszing filer and choosing the lane or section of lane where there is the least glare is my bet – even turning off the neon lights around the side of the pool. This or for now recording onto a tie-mike my observations for each swimmer so that these can be passed on to coaches, swimmers and parents.


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