Back to the swim

When did you last read this?

I went for a swim. I’ve been meaning to for years but made the excuse that I was poolside teaching and coaching too often.

There are two sticks and one carrot at play:

My colesterol is too high, so alongside a swift change in diet and pills I need to exercise.

My Olymoics Gamesmaker training requires it: 39 mins five days a week for the simple reason that for the duration of the Games I will be on my feet, which doesn’t even include the marathon to get there and back everyday.

The carrot is my love of the sport. It felt good to be swiming even if I only did 24 lenghts (600m). The schedule?

100m light FC
50m kick
50m swim

Repeat x 3 with a few faster 25m burts.

New at the pool removing shoes before entering th changing ares: great move.
Disappoointing that the club can only be found 2 hours a week (they need 8 hours min and early mornings)
Learnt about skiing in Bulgaria from a member of the team I know (I’ve got to shake off being a ski snob wedded to the Terantaise)


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