Only three of this group had been competing over the weekend, though several others do compete. A ‘Basic Aerobic’ programme: slowest speed training, technique work, long distance swims and drills. Come 16 x 25m around 5″ rest was taken, as lane clear, rather than longer. Most covered the distance in the hour.  Two lanes out of six.

Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 400m loosen FC 30” rest after 400m 400 8 8
MAIN 4 x 100m FC as 50m Pull/50m Kick 15” rest after each 100m 400 10 18
2 x 200m CH as 100m Pull, 50m Kick, 50m Stroke 30” rest after 200m 400 10 28
4 x 100m CH negative split 2:00 400 8 36
8 x 50m CH Drills

FC: Zip Up; BC: Hesitation; BR: 2K1P; Fly: Single Arm.

10” rest after each 100m 400 8 44
16 x 25m CH Race Pace, turn at end and finish ‘Feet On Wall’ Lane Clear or 15” rest after each 25m 400 8 52
2 x 200m CH Steady Swim 30” rest after 200m 400 8 60+
Totals 2800m 1 hour



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