Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: RunT Dur: Total
W/U 1 x 300m continual swim as:
1 x 100m FC 100 100 2:30 2:30
1 x 25m FC kick, 1 x 25m FC swim

1 x 25m BR kick, 1 x 25m BR swim

1 x 25m BC kick, 1 x 25m BC swim

1 x 25m Fly Kick, 1 x 25m Fly swim

200 300 4 7/9
MAIN 8 x 25m MAX UDLK alt 25m on Front, 25m on Back 45/60 200 500 8 17
4 x 75m FC 1:30 300 800 6 23
4 x 50m FC 60 200 1000 4 27
4 x 25m FC 45 100 1100 3 30
3 x 100m as 25m FC kick on side, 75m breathe every 5th stroke 15” rest 300 1400 7 37
4 x 75m CH not FC 1:45 300 1700 7 44
4 x 50m CH not FC 1:10 200 1900 4:30 49
4 x 25m CH not FC 50 100 2000 4 53
S/D 1 x 300m CH Easy   4:00 200m 2200m 6 60+


This set that includes the very 2010s idea of ‘Underwater Dolphin Kick’ was rejected by the Masters who just swam it out as FC and as a result finished the programmed 10 minutes early. Their habit is to bash up and down the pool juding the distance covered as the most important criteria for a successful swim. I put in shorter, hard work with appropriate rest and they can skip the rest and bash on with the next set instead.

I might by CH not FC as Choice not Front Crawl but one or two will do FC regardless, or an IM or simply mix it up. At least they agree with the other swimmers in the lane. They never ask the coach – they just do it.


Ambitiously thinking that this A Competitive programme could be adjusted for the B Competitors I simply reduced the number of repeats for them in the mains set.


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