Masters Thurs 23 NOV 2017 A (COMPETITIVE)  

These swimmers can take a punishing schedule and are highly competitive. They will swim a set based on the National Squad, with a little more time for turn arounds and sometimes fewer repetitions.

Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 1 x 200m FC

1 x 200m IM Kick (50 FLY, 50 BC, 50 BR, 50 FC)

Continual swim 400 10 12
MAIN Race Pace Set 1

18 x 50m through IM order @ 200m IM pace

6 x 50m Fly to BC

6 x 50m BC to BR

6 x 50m BR to FC

1 min rest after 6 x 50 12  x 50m
900 20 32

400m FC as 4 x (50m with pull-buoy as (25m FC kick, 25m FC arms only) + 50m FC)

Slow easy swimming just above 1500m pace, do not rush or race this.

05:00 400 8 40
Race Pace Set 2

24 x 25m @ 100m pace

Additional 1 mns rest after 8 and 16

0:30 600 14 54+
S/D 1 x 300m CH Easy 02:30 300 6 60
TOTAL 2600m


Only one swimmer to begin with, the second joining during the first Race Pace Set. I was asked about lactate production and didn’t have an answer. Up to Race Pace Set 2 the sets had gone like clockwork, to the upper limit of the margin I had given. They took an additional breather of 2 mins+ before this and took a longer rest at the 8 and 16 mark giving themselves only 2 mins for a swim down. One swimmer did all of the RPS2 as Fly, the other with a mix of strokes. One swimmer completed the swim down in the public lane.


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