Front Crawl MSM Grades 2 to 7

 24 August 2021 Worksheet [Teacher: Jonathan Vernon] 

Front Crawl & TurnsDrills/ Activities Focus Points
IntroductionBody positionStreamline / NeutralSide of pool / against wall Draw on white boardShow from book
Warm upAll / most from a dive if the depth is available.
Depending on grade:4,3,2,1As FC, BC, BR, Fly kick
Body position 
Whole Part Whole 
KickKicking front and back with or without board
Kicking on side, roll, pull under water every 8 kicks

Kicking on front 1 arm extended 1 by side

Swim F/C, every 6 strokes somersault

Long legs / pointed toes 
Straight / neutral body position

Continual fast shallow kick

Kick from hips

Maintain rhythm

Streamlining/Distance from wall to turn
Hands/ArmSwim with fistSwim with correct hand
Reducing stroke count – length of strokeHigh Elbow‘Shark Fin’Touch
High ElbowRoll shoulderReachSlide hand inCatch 
BreathingHead remains neutralBreathe in the bow wave3 strokesTry over 100m 3 strokes, 5 strokes, 7 strokes, 9 strokes25m dive, through transition 1 to 3 breaths the entire lengthHead neutralControl inhale/exhale
Body Position ‘Dead Swimmer’ game From prone ‘dead swimmer’ straighten legs/arms into streamlineAdd a few fly kicksTransition into FCSwim along black line keeping the stoke even and symmetricalStreamlining
Turns/Transition Somersaults against wallPush off and glide drillsApproach drillsX3 each minimum from 10m out to the wall and back againAs much about the approach and the transition out of the turn as the turn itself.Accelerate into the turnHead down in and out of the ‘red zone’Control breathingQuality/speed of flipQuality/efficiency speed/length of glide and underwater phase 
Dive/TransitionDive and glide – streamlinedDive, glide 6 fly kicks – glideDive, glide, fly kick into transitionAs above 3 strokes min: into full stroke StreamlingControlling breathingQuality and effectiveness of the fly kick 
Drills/Fitness development[Higher grades]‘Piggy back’ using pull-buoy as a kicker and pull-buoy over 2 lengths.Or kicker/pull-buoy at opposite ends and swim a 3 length cycle: kick, pull, full-stroke and repeat. 
FunStreamlined bounced from a pencil jumpStreamlinedPower of push of the bottom
‘Sea otter’ i.e. duck-divesBreath controlHead under waterTuck/pre-somersault
Dive DevelopmentJump off blockJump with distanceDive progressions from sitting to kneeling to crouch diveCompetitive and track startsNOTE : Flight, not just a plungePower off the blocksFlightClean entryTransition 

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