Wednesday T3 to top squads

Wednesday 29th October 2008

Asked if JB could move up from T3 to T2.

No RK to take T3 but LB was their to get them going and AJ turned up shortly after to take them.

The swimmers had seen the T1 & T2 session from the day before and got on with it.

Considering this two years on it strikes me that the standard of T3 has collapsed as they could never follow at T2, let alone a T1 programme, two or three would give it a go. The remainder at by all account at G6 teaching group.

J.Gold & Gold.

Had set explained to me by BR who at the end of the session also showed me how to write it up on the board.

After the 1000m + warm up did the T30 less two swimmers who made excuses.

Was BR’s voice saying how the Test will be run.

Kept tabs as they swam each 50m.

Out of boredom took times every 100m and did some stroke counts. Blew whistle one at 10 mins, twice at 20 mins and three times at 30 mins.

Was BR’s voice to give out times and compared previous best.

Notices on poolside wall will be titled to help the swimmers understand their meaning.


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