IM our Grade 5

IM with 8-11 year olds
Warm them up
3x50m FC each time with emphasis in turn on high elbow, long kick and transition.
Huge praise for each as they come in, some with a stroke tip or correction.
2x50m as BC into BR so that I can watch their transition.
Despite doing this a few weeks ago some don’t get any part of the transition, some only the first part and this on the surface.
Mushroom Float (use Kindle)
Dead swimmer into streamlined position then dolphin kick into FC shallow end and deep, on the ‘T’ or under the flags.
BC to BR from the flags
No. Storkes to the wall.
Drop the legs, pivot into the transition.
We run through this out of the pool walking it through against the wall.
BR into FC again a pivot.
In all cases they have to learn to go deep in order to do the transition.
By now I know who will gipet it, who will give it a go and who will do it the same way thry have always done it but believe they were getting it right. As well as the one who doesn’t listen at all.
Fun ones
Sea Otter
From a pencil jump off the blocks into a streamlined bounch all the way to the shallow end.
Use diving into BR to get the depth for the transition.
From the deep end a full IM.
From the deep end a 25m sprint.
With assessments so early I point out that afterall one swimmer now has legal BR.
Our problem is making these decissions half way through the tem often with another two months swimming to go.


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