IM and Technique

With 22 swimmers in three lanes I keep thing simple on a Wednesday.

White Board Swim Session for PC1

I’ll post the written set. We started 8 minutes late because the pool had to be dropped. That have me time to organise the swimmers into lanes. With a group of 9-13 year olds, boys and girls, this can be tricky. Though they tend to pick age before gender.

The purpose behind ‘Down The Line’ and ‘Follow the Beam’ is to get the swimmers into a flat body position and see thaks hands/arms entering at shoulder width and staying in one side of the body – never crossing the line.

The amount of fly kick is necessary given how much of any swim or comprises – it so more than the Fifth stroke now surely – it’s the first stroke given how much of it is needed, especially in short course FC, BC and Fly.

Drills. Repetition. Dive starts and sprints. We had it all.

They’ve got time trails this Sunday.


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