T2 T3 Thursday One Hour. Fins and skills.


600 Free or Back – Fins

How Slow Can you Move Your Arms


4 x 50 as


25 Back/25 Breast (Lane Clear)

Focus: – Turns


4 x 50 Fly-Dive (Tech)



No Breathing

1st StrokeBreathe Early

Breathe Every 2/3

Accelerate Through Pull to Flick

Palms Up

Straight Arm Recovery

Kick Hard in on Hand Entry




4 x 50 BC-Start (Tech)


Four UW kicks

Straight arm recovery

Roll shoulder through to 90%

Entry like a knife


Kick Hard


12 x 50 Free (60 // 1.15 // 1.30)


Must be completed with Bi-Lat Breathing

Tumble Turns with UW Kick – Min 3 Fly Kicks off Wall

No Breathing 1st Stroke off Walls

Maintain Time and Tech Throughout


200 Easy


2 km (T3 divide repeats by 2)



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