Tips from Beth (1)

When addressing kids use FOUR words and use their language.


As a puppet controlled from the ceiling


Press the shoulder down

Catch as if popping your head over a garden wall


Times achieved at lower distances must be achieved at longer distances.

On every break say what you need to say in 2 to 4 words

Every swimmer has a different make-up and body.


Shoulder not deep. Nose on the water to breathe vs shoulder too deep and mouth goes under water.

FC Kick Problems

So kick like a football

Hips always too low

Legs lazy

UW phase

Like going down a flume tunnel and follow the line

Surface like a submarine


Hand out

Head in neutral

No go zone in front of hands

Must push down to the waist

Breathe early

Palm up/thumbs in air

Squirrel Nutkin pose

Flick at back

FLY Kick

If they’re kicking as the arms go in the other kick will follow.


The ‘do nothing glide’


T2 T3 Thursday One Hour. Fins and skills.


600 Free or Back – Fins

How Slow Can you Move Your Arms


4 x 50 as


25 Back/25 Breast (Lane Clear)

Focus: – Turns


4 x 50 Fly-Dive (Tech)



No Breathing

1st StrokeBreathe Early

Breathe Every 2/3

Accelerate Through Pull to Flick

Palms Up

Straight Arm Recovery

Kick Hard in on Hand Entry




4 x 50 BC-Start (Tech)


Four UW kicks

Straight arm recovery

Roll shoulder through to 90%

Entry like a knife


Kick Hard


12 x 50 Free (60 // 1.15 // 1.30)


Must be completed with Bi-Lat Breathing

Tumble Turns with UW Kick – Min 3 Fly Kicks off Wall

No Breathing 1st Stroke off Walls

Maintain Time and Tech Throughout


200 Easy


2 km (T3 divide repeats by 2)