FLY G6,G7,G8, G9 Mini & Bronze 45 mins / 1 hour

G6, 7, 8 & 9 MINI, BRONZE

A versatile 45 mins to 60 mins aerobic session based on FLY, with FLY progressions, emphasis on starts and turns and some fun alternative activities.


4 x 50m as 25m BC kick, 25m BC swim                          50/60/1.15

4 x 50m as FC kick, 25m FC swim                                               50/60/1.15

Emphasis on streamlined drive off the wall with extended UW phase in turns

8 x 50m as

1st FLY dive, BC,

2nd BR dive, FC

Drive at start from the blocks

FLY 4 x 100m or 8 x 50m (16 x 25m)

8 x 25m (4x 50m)(2 x 100) FLY kick                                             r.10

8 x 25m (4x 50m)(2 x 100) Drills / 2+2+2                         r.10

4 x 25m (2 x 50m / 1 x 100m) Full Stroke


4 x 25m alt as Fly, Fly into BC


3 x fc

3 x bc

3 x br

3 x fly


100/200m as 2 x 50 or 2 x 100 as reduced SC on BC



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