Mini Squad Entry and Promotion Criteria

Entry from Grades 7,8 or 9 dependent on:

  1. Times achieved in Galas (open and development)
  2. Kick: 50s under 1.30 mins, 100s under 3 mins.
  3. Aerobic. T15. Minimum distance 600m
  4. Sprint: 16 x 50 on TRT 1.30


  • FC, BC, BR as 200m swims
  • FLY as 4 x 25

Test Sets:

  • 6×100 TRT 2.45
  • 2 x 200 TRT 6

Grade 9. (Complete a set lasting 800m)

  • + Competitive starts and turns
  • Need to include Timed Swim as part of the promotion process a couple of weeks before final assessments are due.

Grade 8. (Complete a set lasting 600m)

TRTs less demanding than required for Mini Squad.

Grade 7. Aerobic demands and repititions a long way short of Mini Squad requirement.

Promotion from Mini Squad to Bronze

  • Dependent on Minimum attendance of 2 out of 4 sessions offered per week. (3 ought to be the minimum)
  • Competition circuit for County Times and expected level of qualification
  • Minimum Open Meet Entries: 4
  • Attitude and application. Excellent

Therefore, for any swimmer to be promoted from Grades 7 or 8 they need

a) to be pressing towards County Standard times

b) be proficient at all strokes

c) have the skills d) prove their commitment by regular attendance, certainly 2 if not 3 times a week

e) achieve the time swim and other aerobic tests.