G7 Time Trials & T1 & T2 Coaching

G7 Time Trials & T1 & T2 Coaching

(all names changed)

Arrived in good time only to find Jason (Level I) in there. I questioned Mick about what role I can play as a Level II going on Level III coach and he didn’t seem to know. I ended up helping time kids on their 25m time trials. Like any organisation the club needs to work out how it deals with integrating the workforce; if and when I make it to an ASA/UKCC Senior Club Coach then what?

For Swim21 +13 helpers, teachers & coach supervising the 44 swimmers in 8 lanes. Need names, Code of Ethics signed and evidence of qualifications & CRB check. + Pool Plan.

Two lanes for 45 mins. Grade 7 (or 9)

All on the BS this week (or time trials). I had this worked out, but they did trials instead.

Warm Up 200m

1 x 50m FC Head Up + Float on head
1 x 50m BC Slomo
1 x 50m As 25m Kick, 25m half sprint
1 x 50m As 25m Kick, 25m half sprint
Practise dive, glide & kick into stroke

TIME TRIALS (Flexibility, not stretching)

BS BIAS: 350m

3 kicks, one pull
Catch up
One arm, one leg
Competitive start


Underwater through a hoop or for sinkers.


Topple & Jump
Topple & Dive into GLIDE
Topple & Dive into GLIDE + Dolphin Kick
Topple & Dive into One Dolphin Flick, GLIDE then Dolphin Kick

Then into T1 & T2

Lane 6 pressed on with it at a good pace
Lane 5 were reasonably engaged
Lane 4 took inordinately long rests.

T2 had two lanes


To improve aerobic capacity, with more intensive work on BR


As 1 x 200m FC, BC, FC Chicken Wing (CW), BC Roll (Shoulder Roll to 90 degrees),

Kick Your Choice (YC) and a 1 x 200m IM.

Heart rate at -30 off Max. Rest ® 15 seconds.

4×50 BR 2 FC Fast Pace from dead start into turn @1:30

8X75 B/S into FC B/S

3 Kicks

1 arm pull @ 50 FS 50 Drill 50 FS @1:30

Relay of:

1 x 50 BC

1 x 50 BR

1 x 25 FC

1 x 25 UW Dolphin

Swim Down -30 of Max HRT 1 x 250 YC

TOTAL SWIM 2500m in 60 Mins

Did the above as written. They didn’t do the dead starts, going for the dive instead. I may have reduced the 8×75 to 4 and they finished on the relays without the swimdown.

They enjoy these competitive bursts.

I used this as a chance to follow them up and down the pool shouting encouragement. Next thing, I need to get their names. It’s hard to do a register at the start with so many of them. They were keen to know if I was there Coach now and glad to learn that I would be.

John came over to help

Afterwards I dropped into the AGM and made a contribution from the floor adding the word ‘coaching’ to the mission statement that was prepared.



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