T3T4 Wednesday OBH 1 Hour

Twenty two swimmers age 12 to 16. Two ability ranges, from a teaching grade of around 6 to a teaching range of 8 at most. The older swimmers ought to treat it as a squad like swim, but are down more for a social and basic fitness. There is too much of a tendency for the older boys to fool around and several of the girls to want toilet breaks.

4 x 100 as 5o FC/50 Side kick    Rest 10

The sidekick may be new, but they understand what to do, one arm outstretched, breathing whenever they like. Controlling the amount of rest they get is problematic as some keep well, while others have a weak kick.

4 x 25m scull.

Another they enjoy as it is considered easy. Many will not be sculling though. It is important that they get the arm action correct, then they can try going feet first, head fist on front or back. Tend to need demonstratons at the end of the first two lengths.

1 x 200m BR  Asked to do this as a technical swim i.e. going for excellent technique with the correct turns and transitions throughout. Some will not know what the three part transition of glide, underwater fly arms and kick, then into the stroke entails.

4 x 50 kick           as 25 Fly, 25 BC  All hard.  Most will struggle with the fly kick. (1.20/1.30)

1 x 200 BC – Keep arms moving through + fast turns (

3 x 50 kick          as 25 BC, 25 BR. All hard. (1.45)

1 x 100 Grand National Swim. A fun ending instead of relays in which all the swimmers line up in speed order in Lane 4 and then dive or jump in one after the other, swim 25m and climb out at each end and touch the wall, the dive into lane , the same into lane 2 and then end when the climb out having swum lane 1.

This set worked well. Not happy that four swimmers insisted on leaving at 7.45 saying that they had permission from the previous coach. Parents are advised that this is not permitted.

I’ve used this one twice already, also with a T3 Sat am group.


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