T3 Wednesdays One Hour



2 x 100m as FC/BC

25m FAST 50m MOD 25m FAST                                                             200m

With emphasis on ‘smooth and silent’ swimming

 4 x 50m on 1.15/1.30 FC                                                                            400m

4 x 50m on 1.30/1.45 BC


 4 x 50m FC as 25m, 25 full stroke                                                            Rest.15 seconds

4 x 50m BR as 25m, 25 full stroke           

FC drill ‘Zip up’ or ‘high elbow.’

BR drill 2 kicks, 1 arm pull

2 x 50m Something else, BC for most, fly for some.

4 x 25m Sprints on 1.00/1.15 with a dive (one or two start in the water)

1 x 100m        IM drill LANE CLEAR Fly single arm, BK roll shoulder, BR 2K1p, FC zip up.

1 x 100m        IM Full stroke, lane clear



4 x 25, as  1 x FC, 1 x BC, and x2 fun! If you have the energy to organise them and there is time!


4 x 50m FC or BC or mix of both slow & smooth                                   + 200m

TOTAL DISTANCE                                    1.7km

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