Masters Thurs 21 DEC 2017 C (FITNESS) COACH COPY


Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 3 x 150m as:

FC 1 x 50m Swim, 1 x 50m Pull, 1 x 50m Kick

BC 1 x 50m Swim, 1 x 50m Pull, 1 x 50m Kick

30” Rest after each 150m 300 11 11
MAIN 3 x 50m FC @ Strong, Firm, Steady Pace 01:45 250/550 9 20
BC 1 x 50m Hesitation Drill, 1 x 50m Easy Swim 03:00 100/650 3 23
3 x 50m BC @ Strong, Firm, Steady Pace 02:00 250/900 10 33
BR 1 x 50m Extended Glide Drill, 1 x 50m Easy Swim 04:00 100/1000 4 37
3 x 50m BR @ Strong, Firm, Steady Pace 2:15 250/1250 12 49
FC 1 x 50m Zip It Up 50 Drill, 1 x 50m East Swim 03:00 100/1350 3 52
2 x 25m CH Sprints

Hold technique. Steady, Firm and Fast

1:00 100/1450 2 54
S/D 200m Easy Swim 05:00 200/1650 5 59


This is the programme with adjustments made to suite the reality in the pool. Not a competitive group, but happy to be set some targets.

Masters Thurs 23 NOV 2017 A (COMPETITIVE)  

These swimmers can take a punishing schedule and are highly competitive. They will swim a set based on the National Squad, with a little more time for turn arounds and sometimes fewer repetitions.

Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 1 x 200m FC

1 x 200m IM Kick (50 FLY, 50 BC, 50 BR, 50 FC)

Continual swim 400 10 12
MAIN Race Pace Set 1

18 x 50m through IM order @ 200m IM pace

6 x 50m Fly to BC

6 x 50m BC to BR

6 x 50m BR to FC

1 min rest after 6 x 50 12  x 50m
900 20 32

400m FC as 4 x (50m with pull-buoy as (25m FC kick, 25m FC arms only) + 50m FC)

Slow easy swimming just above 1500m pace, do not rush or race this.

05:00 400 8 40
Race Pace Set 2

24 x 25m @ 100m pace

Additional 1 mns rest after 8 and 16

0:30 600 14 54+
S/D 1 x 300m CH Easy 02:30 300 6 60
TOTAL 2600m


Only one swimmer to begin with, the second joining during the first Race Pace Set. I was asked about lactate production and didn’t have an answer. Up to Race Pace Set 2 the sets had gone like clockwork, to the upper limit of the margin I had given. They took an additional breather of 2 mins+ before this and took a longer rest at the 8 and 16 mark giving themselves only 2 mins for a swim down. One swimmer did all of the RPS2 as Fly, the other with a mix of strokes. One swimmer completed the swim down in the public lane.



Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: RunT Dur: Total
W/U 3 x 100m  as:
1 x 100m BC, 1 x 100m FC, 1 x 100m CH 3:00 300 300 9 9
Long strong counts per length.
MAIN 6 x 75 @ 400m FC pace over 75m = 80% Effort (?) 2:30 450 750 18 27
Recovery 200m CH (mix of strokes if preferred) 6:00 200 950 6 23
6 x 100m as:
2 x 100m as FC 3:00 200 1150 6 29
2 x 100m as BC 3:00 200 1350 6 35
2 x 100m as CH 3:00 200 1550 6 41
Recovery 200m FC as:
1 x 25m FC kick on side, 50m breathe every 5th, 25m FC any high elbow drill such as ‘Zip it Up/Fingers Trailing’. 6:00 200 1750 6 47
4 x 25 CH Sprint 1:15 100 1850 5 52
S/D 200m CH Easy, long, smooth, silent swimming 6:00 200 2050 6 58+

Too ambitious. Needs to be some 250m less. Rest times were right, the volumes not.



Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: RunT Dur: Total
W/U 1 x 300m continual swim as:
1 x 100m FC 100 100 2:30 2:30
1 x 25m FC kick, 1 x 25m FC swim

1 x 25m BR kick, 1 x 25m BR swim

1 x 25m BC kick, 1 x 25m BC swim

1 x 25m Fly Kick, 1 x 25m Fly swim

200 300 4 7/9
MAIN 8 x 25m MAX UDLK alt 25m on Front, 25m on Back 45/60 200 500 8 17
4 x 75m FC 1:30 300 800 6 23
4 x 50m FC 60 200 1000 4 27
4 x 25m FC 45 100 1100 3 30
3 x 100m as 25m FC kick on side, 75m breathe every 5th stroke 15” rest 300 1400 7 37
4 x 75m CH not FC 1:45 300 1700 7 44
4 x 50m CH not FC 1:10 200 1900 4:30 49
4 x 25m CH not FC 50 100 2000 4 53
S/D 1 x 300m CH Easy   4:00 200m 2200m 6 60+


This set that includes the very 2010s idea of ‘Underwater Dolphin Kick’ was rejected by the Masters who just swam it out as FC and as a result finished the programmed 10 minutes early. Their habit is to bash up and down the pool juding the distance covered as the most important criteria for a successful swim. I put in shorter, hard work with appropriate rest and they can skip the rest and bash on with the next set instead.

I might by CH not FC as Choice not Front Crawl but one or two will do FC regardless, or an IM or simply mix it up. At least they agree with the other swimmers in the lane. They never ask the coach – they just do it.


Ambitiously thinking that this A Competitive programme could be adjusted for the B Competitors I simply reduced the number of repeats for them in the mains set.




Phase Activity TRT/Rest Dist: Dur: Total
W/U 400m loosen FC 30” rest after 400m 400 8 10
MAIN 4 x 100m FC as 50m Pull/50m Kick 15” rest after each 100m 400 10 21
2 x 200m CH as 100m Pull, 50m Kick, 50m Stroke 30” rest after 200m 400 10 28
4 x 100m CH negative split 44/43


2:00 400 8 35
8 x 50m CH Drills

FC: Zip Up; BC: Hesitation; BR: 2K1P; Fly: Single Arm.

10” rest after each 50m 400 8 44
16 x 25m CH Race Pace, turn at end and finish ‘Feet On Wall’ Lane Clear or 5” rest after each 25m 400 8 52
2 x 200m CH Steady Swim 30” rest after 200m 400 8 60+
Totals 2800m 1 hour


The lead swimmer ignored the rest periods and barely managed the negative split. I should actively monitor the rest given, push for a specific effort or turn around time and make sure they take the appropriate test, otherwise it turns into a 1 hour plod at a Basic Aerobic pace.

Pace/Effort required should be indicated in the Main Set.

The splits were barely attempted. If I am taking splits I should call them out and expect, in this example, say 45/40, or 40/35. This would be easier if I increased the number of repetitions. Next week they’ll get 8 x 100m negative split for FC and CH.

The Race Pace 16 x 25m required greater pace and therefore longer rest. The lead swimmer, who others followed, cut the barely adequate 15” rest to 5” possibly in a desire to complete the 2800m distance. Better that I create more flexibility for the Swim Down and give a floating end of swim target of +/- 200m  Similarly the ‘feet on wall’ is there for a reason – to counter the swimmers who always drift into the wall at the finish. To be repeated and policed!

Mixed set for Training Group 2  










800 2X100








75 Free / 25 Fly

75 Free / 25 Back

75 Free / 25 Breast

100m IM





200 8 x 25 Alt Fly KOB, Kick on Front @1:15 10
X2 FC 150 Smooth and easy R30


X2 CHOICE 75 BR emphasis on extended glide @1:45
X2 BC 50 Focus on fast turn @1:00
750 STF 50 MPS 2:30
200m F/C SWIM DOWN 4


Total Distance


Total Time

60 mins

Front Crawl – Grades 4 and 5

09h15 The Dolphin, Haywards Heath

I had two lanes: five in one, four in the other. Our first day back, but possibly some kids going to local private schools are still on holiday. The approach the club takes is to determine the main stroke and alternative activity for the week; in this case, front crawl and diving.

I add in plenty of streamlining exercises which serves many roles: body position, pushing off and gliding out of turns and dives and of course for diving itself.

A warm up might be no more that 50m Front Crawl and 50m Back Crawl.

‘Dead Swimmer’ in Ruben Guzman. The Swim Drill Book.

I then use the Kindle to show a page from Ruben Guzman book on how to do what I call ‘dead swimmer’ where the swimmers go from floating on the surface of the water into a streamline position, and from there with a few butterfly kicks into Front Crawl. We did this in the shallow end, starting at the ‘T’ of the lane and under the flags in the deep end. Four times.

2 x 50m FC Kick

2 x 50 FC Single Arm, changing arm at 25.

‘For fun’ tucking a kicker float between the legs and touching it with each stroke.

Also for fun, bouncing the length of the pool in the streamlined position.

From pushing off and gliding we added first the a dolphin kick, then added the stroke.

With a dive we did a couple of sprints.

Some backstroke, but with one boy not allowed to do breaststroke at the moment I kept off it. Ditto butterfly – work on the leg kick will help with butterfly development.

In every case I have their names within a few lengths. Not rocket science. I just go to the trouble of getting a fix on the face and the name and by using it often I am quickly corrected where I get it wrong. Kids are far more responsive when you use their name. Unless they are all of a very similar standard I will get them into ‘speed order’, though this is often more like ‘enthusiasm order’. I’ll alter the order often to try to stop anyone feeling they have ownership of a slot, whether at the front or at the back.

All reasonable swimmers and it made a change that all could dive.

Ages 9 – 11